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No longer bound to your browser

The web is always changing and we are no longer bound to the browser and email as a means of communication. The iphone has laid the foundation for a huge groundswell of desktop gadgets, apps and widgets, meaning companies must look beyond merely having a website to communicate with the world on an innovative level.

Traditionally websites were sourced through Google or similar. Once the user had come and gone from your site, hopefully they were left wanting to return. If they subscribe to your newsletter you may be able to lure them back. But in reality, unless they have a compelling requirement they won’t come back.

EBay is a great example of drawing a visitor back to a site. If you place a bid online you watch your email constantly to ensure no one has outbid you. Alternatively you re-visit the site and log in again and again. Wouldn’t it be nice if the operating system could popup with a message that someone had out bid you? Or that the item you were searching for at a certain price has suddenly become available?

Technologies such as Adobe AIR, Google desktop, and Yahoo desktop, you are no longer bound to the browser. From the website you can download and install applications to notify you of important information such as competitions, events or user specific information.

Yarra tram tracker is a good example. Tram users get frustrated ringing up to determine tram timetables or going to the site to search a route. Now Yarra trams offer applications that can run as desktop widgets that provide real-time information on your tram, running constantly on your desktop.

How can your business take advantages of this?

  1. Link a blog or news feed to a desktop widget or application. Rather than having clients log onto a webpage for blogs or news feeds, an application can have it running on their desktop and be visible at all times
  2. Link a product search on your website to an AIR application so when the user’s specific search becomes available, it notifies them immediately
  3. Widgets will only be adopted by true brand advocates or users you are providing highly relevant information to. They are a simple yet effective way to give your company a serious competitive advantage in the communications space

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